Sound Video and Lighting Systems for shows and venues

Supply and Installation of Fixed Systems for accomodation facilities

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Installation and rental of sound video and lighting systems in Sardinia

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Do you you need a fixed installation in your public venue and you do not know how to do?

Do you need to create a sound system in your meeting rooms? In your hotel? In your restaurant?

MusicArtservice not only provides sound, lighting and video services in Sardinia.

The experience gained over the years in the entertainment industry has led to an inevitable expansion of activities, in fact today we can provide our Customers even fixed, permanent service installation for their public venues, whatever they are.

Using high quality materials we can provide fixed installations for sound system, both indoors and outdoors, simply supply the equipment and materials, and/or also perform the complete installation up to commissioning.

We carry out inspections in order to study with the customer all possible variations that could lead to an optimal outcome, satisfactory to both.

Your result is our result, and to ensure this we rely on the Electro-Voice and Dynacord lines, leaders in the world market for many years.

Hotels, conference rooms, rehearsal rooms, discotheques, pubs, restaurants, schools, gyms, sports facilities, accommodation facilities of all kinds can benefit from our expertise.

Willingness and courtesy are at your disposal for any part of Italy.