Rental equipment: tents, gazebos, tables and benches

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Noleggio e Allestimento Gazebo, panche, tende e tendoni - Cagliari

Every event requires a range of services to ensure the best results no matter the situation, we now offer our clients new options that go beyond the installation of sound, lighting and video systems.

We are now able to rent and set up certified tents, tables and benches that are suitable even in difficult climatic condition, from summer to winter, indoors and outdoors, for private parties and public functions, sporting events, business promotions, markets, and exhibitions of various kinds and nature  and Paula Morelenbaum, with the Guest of Bungaro. The show was held in Palau at the Teatro Montiggia.


Made entirely in Italy, these structures fully meet all European structural integrity standards as well as endurance and stability requirements of the supporting structure. These modular 3x3 structures can be assembled and locked together.

Being that these structures provide great ease of use, they are adequate for a variety of situations: private parties, events and public displays that occur either indoors or outdoors and can withstand loads of up to 120kg without risk of breakage.

Also, it is possible to close the structure on one or more sides in order to obtain protection from wind or rain. The tent (roof and walls) are of the highest quality, with an aesthetically pleasing refined and elegant finish and come with a declaration of conformity certificate.

Noleggio e Allestimento Gazebo, panche, tende e tendoni - Cagliari Noleggio e Allestimento Gazebo, panche, tende e tendoni - Cagliari


In order to provide the greatest possible stability for the gazebo, we attach 15 kg galvanized plates to the legs of the structure thus ensuring that these are held firmly to ground.

Up to 4 gazebo tents can be attached side by side.

Connection elements

These are extremely useful and are employed when several gazebos need to be connected so as to achieve, depending on the needs of the customer, a linear or square structure.

Table and Benches

So as to guarantee the most adequate outdoor furnishings and in order to enrich your set-up, we can also provide you with the table and bench rentals needed for completing your stand.

Each set consists of a 220x80cm table and two 220x25cm benches which can accommodate up to 10 people.

These are made with traditional South Tyrolean quality, having angular 30x30x30mm powder coated iron profiles, all of which are certified fire resistant (class 2 Italian).

Noleggio e Allestimento Gazebo, panche, tende e tendoni - Cagliari Noleggio e Allestimento Gazebo, panche, tende e tendoni - Cagliari



Combined services

Transportation, handling and set-up, removal from the venue.