Sound Video and Lighting Systems for shows and venues

Supply and Installation of Fixed Systems for accomodation facilities

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Installation and rental of sound video and lighting systems in Sardinia

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Quality and reliability

All network connections on stage are equipped with industrial sockets according to EEC legislation and evenly spaced along the perimeter of the location that houses the system, so getting the more possible space and cleaning conditions. Choose MusicArstervice means investing, investing in a Quality service.

Willingness and courtesy

Willingness and courtesy are the "added value" for those who rely on MusicArtservice for the setting or installation of sound, lighting and video systems. The staff who work there is available to customers at any time of the day, during both the preparations and the actual show, thus contributing substantially to the success of any event.

Advantages and benefits

Advantages and benefits for those who choose to rent, install or set up a sound, lighting and video service provided by MusicArtservice:

Choose MusicArtservice also means bringing home a recording of your performance of a high professional quality. Recording is done digitally, and all is edited, equalized and mastered on Protools, with analog sound expanders and compressors.

Fixed Sound/Lighting systems for public venues

In addition to the rental of sound and light systems MusicArtservice carries out fixed installations in public venues: pubs, shops, gyms, discos, bars, disco pubs and theatres. MusicArtservice also provides assistance for any problem concerning the sound systems, both those it directly installed and those set up by competitors.

-Public show (law and safety)-

We know how important it is to work safely, and above all in compliance with all relevant standards and rules. In this regard, in recent periods, the controls have been intensified considerably, bringing to light a general situation not in line with the current regulations. From the very beginning we always operate with public bodies such as Municipalities, Provinces and Regions trying to keep up with all the necessary documentation.

Chamber of Commerce certificate, D.u.r.c., E.n.p.a.l.s., Certification of proper installation, Data sheets of materials used, Declaration of conformity of electrical panels, and speakers.