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MusicArtservice Studios



MusicArtservice is not only synonymous with live, but also studio.

LIVE recordings, we perform on a professional level, can in fact be used by Customers to develop a demo to be distributed for the promotion of their bands. And that is just what many of our Customers have done.

How does it take place?

The first phase takes place with the storage of the sound data in digital quality, then on CD. After the concert data is finalized and storage completed.

At this point we have a complete recording of the event, but as it often happens, even if the sound during the show was great, when you listen to the recording, there is always something wrong.

This is because the sound engineer performs equalization, mixing, and compression on the basis of the environment and the location where the event takes place, (element which should not be underestimated) to ensure that all sounds reach the listeners in a well balanced and pleasant way, while the recorders store every little movement and modifications made to our equipment, from the bench, the outboards, via electrical signal, thus ignoring the environmental conditions of the specific moment.

In order to regain the proper musicality, the data is transferred on Hardisk with a sampling rate of 96kHz and 24 bits, all on Protools (the most used software in professional studios around the world) and then laborious Editing phase starts. 

The Editing

All tracks are separated and cleaned, even the slightest extraneous noise is eliminated. Before and after the execution of a piece of music, it almost always happens that a guitar requires tuning or some musicians just play a note to check the tuning. There are also song presentations, dialogue with the audience or musicians who communicate with each other during a break and even more.

All this is completely deleted, leaving the silence. It is now time for Mastering.

The Mastering

What does Mastering consist of?

The mastering is the last step before the material is transferred on CD and is used to give more power to the all tracks, balancing the volume between a "music piece" and the other. The tracks are treated individually through the dedicated tube-emulation compressors and equalizers, working on Protools, thus obtaining a warm and colourful sound, reminiscent of the sound of tube amplifiers and receivers of the past.

The signal is compressed by intervening on the dynamics; consequently the result is a certain "thickening of the sound" (the so-called Punch), that is a more aggressive attack even at low volumes, without being forced to continually turn the volume knob of our HI.FI system.

With the equalizer it is then possible to recover those frequencies that had lost energy during the compression phase.

It is very important, during all stages of processing mentioned, not to force too much arriving at playing "Fortissimo" and getting carried away (the most common mistake made by amateurs), since exacerbating the compressions and expansions of the signal can lead to its deterioration, resulting in horrible and annoying saturation due to the squaring of the sine wave.

A professional job

From the above it is understandable that the editing of a music piece is as an important as a delicate work, sometimes hours may be required before a track can be considered "finished". Who has not ever listen to backing tracks playing from start to finish at 0 db, without letting the song breathe, stifling any kind of expression that the piece should have, removing all emotion?

A song cannot, must not always be played to 0 db, it would result as devoid of feeling, as a midi base.

Imagine listening to a piece of classical music that always plays in "fortissimo"; it would be like reading a book without periods, commas, semicolons.

MusicArtservice Studios offers even more

In addition to the services described above and to which a lot of attention should be paid, MusicArtservice also offers the opportunity of creating sound and midi bases, with the help of software such as, Rison, Sampletank, Xpand, all on Protools, Machintosc, masterKeyboard Edirol Pcr80, and Genelec speakers.

Mixing tracks recorded in other recording studios, transferring from tape to cd, vinyl to cd, restoration of old recordings worn and damaged by time and poor preservation of the material, creation of local and national advertising jingles. This is all MusicArtservice Studios offers, at competitive prices.

We remain at your disposal for any advice or curiosity about our services. Do not hesitate to Contact us.

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