Rental of Sound Lighting and Video Equipment for shows

Supply and Installation of Fixed Systems for accomodation facilities

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Setting up, supply and installation of sound video and lighting equipment for events in Sardinia

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Professionalism and passion for music

MusicArtservice born from the passion for music, events and shows shared by a cohesive and experienced team of professionals. Awareness of the details connected to all the problems and needs related to an artist on stage, make up the know-how that is critical to the success of our Company.

The staff of MusicArtservice is able to solve any problem in a very short time, carrying out in an increasingly impeccable way all installations and settings of sound, lighting and video systems suitable for the location concerned, both if the event is to be held indoors or outdoors. From Resorts, to concerts on the square, Conventions, theatres, dance recitals, rock festivals, blues festivals, jazz festivals, gospel, reggae, folk, covering in short any kind of music, ours is a service that always plays an important role, as it is able to respond to the demands and needs of promoters, producers and artists.

Improvisation is banished from our business, nothing is left to chance. All our work is aimed at a single goal: to make your show, any kind of event it may be, a success.

MusicArtservice is an sound, video and lighting service that evolves year after year thanks to the continuous introduction of technical improvements, the transition from analogue to digital truly makes us up to date, giving access to a new way of working and providing our service, saving time in setting and sound check, time that can be then invest on the creative part of an event, from the mixer Allen&Heat ML 3000, up to the standard required now by all the artists, Yamaha Lc9 32ch.

Particularly for those with nostalgic tendencies, or for special vintage exhibitions, we still make available our analog equipment used so far, from Dbs compressors, to Lexicon and Yamaha multi-effect processors, up to the full Klotz sound wiring.

The partnership with Electro-Voice and Dynacord clearly marks a turning point in our service, which is unequivocally directed to a purely professional market sector, there where the very demanding customer, cannot and should not risk anything and can only choose a sound, lighting and video service that leaves no room for errors, giving reliable and immediate results.

The choice can only, therefore, fall on high service and performance sound, lighting and video company, able to provide immediate and full reliable solutions.


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